Early Childhood Intervention

    Improvements in parenting concepts over the years helped many parents understand that encouraging crawling during their child’s early years, rather than expecting their child to immediately learn how to stand or walk, is an important aspect of sensory integration. Parents also have a better understanding of language development in children, recognizing that meaningful vocabulary begins to develop at one year of age, and no longer use the term “late bloomer” to describe their child who has not yet started to speak.

    There are many factors associated developmental delay in children, including genetic disorders, perinatal complications, insufficient environmental stimuli, and even unknown causes. Facing the issues associated with child developmental delay is often the cause of great psychological burden and frustration on parents. But because the child’s brain and body are still in the stages of rapid development, starting early intervention is important to continue to see progress and growth. At iBalance, our medical team comprises members of various professions and specialties to provide comprehensive care for your child with developmental delay. Parents, we ask for your kind cooperation during this process, as your child’s progress and improvement will surely be seen.