Manual therapy


    Manual therapy: Improve soft tissue adhesion and correct joint position 

Hands- on Therapy:

    In manual therapy, physical therapists utilize their hands as tools to correct musculoskeletal problems. Often used for soft tissue adhesion, lymphedema, incorrect joint position, etc. 

What techniques will be used? 

    Most commonly used techniques include myofascial release, soft tissue and joint mobilization, traction therapy, muscle energy technique, among others. Our physical therapists will select the best technique to use after careful assessment and diagnosis. 

Manual Therapy is Not Massage!

    Massage targets the largest surface area of the muscles but only increases the blood circulation near the surface of the skin, providing temporary relaxation. Manual therapy is based on a fundamental knowledge of anatomy to target the myofascia, muscles, ligament, and other soft tissue, as well as help in correcting joint position. 

How long will its effects last? 

    Even the best physical therapy requires your cooperation! Correcting poor posture and cooperating in active rehabilitation exercises are needed to achieve the most optimal treatment outcome!