Pain Rehabilitation

    Pain is one of the signals of our bodies that reflect physical discomfort. The mechanism of pain, however, is very complicated. Even with the current advancements in science, we still do not have a complete understanding of the source or treatment of pain. Soft tissue pain is one type that is often seen in the clinical rehabilitation setting, and may be due to the repeated use, wear and tear, and inflammation of our tendons, ligaments, and cartilage, strains and sprains that lead to tissue damage, or degeneration of our vertebral joints causing nerve compression. While these are the more direct causes of pain, pain can sometimes occur as a result of subtle changes within our body, such as changes in tension of our fascia tissue, or injury to one side of the body, inducing compensatory effects on the other side, and thus causing pain. The presentation of pain is often complicated, but there is a need to uncover each layer to find the root cause of the pain. Even if the same lesion occurs in different people, there will be different manifestations of pain due to individual factors (joint stability, muscle mass, different emotional conditions). Therefore, customized and multi-faceted treatments are crucial in pain rehabilitation.