Pain Rehabilitation

    Pain is one of the signals that reflect physical discomfort of our bodies. However, the mechanism of pain is very complicated. Even with the huge progression of medical technology today, little does we understand about the mechanism as well as treatments of the pain.

    People often come to rehabilitation clinic for soft tissue pain. Soft tissue pain could result from numerous factors. Repetitive use may lead to wear and inflammation of tendons, ligaments, and cartilage, strains and sprains in life that may cause tissue damage, and the degeneration of spinal joints could cause nerve compression, these. These mentioned ones are relatively more direct causes of pain. Sometimes, due to some causes are more subtle and indirect. For instance, long term changes in our body, the tension of the fascia tissue changes and causes pain; or one part of the left side is injured, but another part of the right side might have a compensatory effect and causes pain. The presentations of pain are often complicated, but there is a need to uncover each layer to find the root cause of the pain.

    Even if the same lesion occurs in different people, there will be different manifestations of pain due to individual physical factors (for example: joint stability, different muscle mass, and even different emotional conditions). Therefore, the customized and multi-faceted treatments are crucial in pain rehabilitation.