Pilates: Stabilize the spine, improve posture and find your core strength  

Integration of East and West: 

    Developed by German athlete Joseph Pilates, Pilates is a form of exercise that combines yoga, tai-chi, martial arts, gymnastics, and other sports, and includes concepts from both anatomy and physical therapy. Used often in military camps during World War I, Pilates showed to have positive effects and has since then only increased in popularity. 

Breath, core, control, attention, fluidity, accuracy –The Six Principles:  

    Correct strategies for deep breathing can help maintain attentiveness, control muscles and joints, stimulate core muscles, allow smoother execution of movements, and can help release the pressure and tension built up in the body. 

Relieving Lower Back Pain: 

    Patients with chronic low back pain may look towards acupuncture, medication, electrotherapy, and other forms of passive treatment to reduce pain, but often only get temporary relief. “Active rehabilitation” is the best solution. Research shows that Pilates exercises can reduce 70% of recurrences of low back pain. 

Postural Correction:  

    Strengthening the waist and abdominal muscles will naturally help improve your posture. Stretching exercises will help lengthen and sculpt the muscles to be more uniform throughout the body.