Chronic inflammation of the tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and other tissues can easily lead to joint instability. Unstable joints lead to further damage of these tissues during our daily activities, instigating an endless vicious cycle. This is why after a seemingly minor incident, such as an ankle sprain, soreness, pain, tightness, and even swelling may be felt from time to time in the joint, even despite minimal movement.  

    Prolotherapy is an injection of a highly concentrated aqueous glucose solution into the chronically inflamed area. The body will detect the solution as a foreign substance and send more cells into the inflamed area, causing a wave of “new inflammation.” These newly dispatched cells will induce the production of other cells that quicken the healing process and stimulate the growth of new tissue. 

    Prolotherapy is suitable for tendon and ligament tears as well as chronic joint instability and inflammation, and has fewer side effects. The number of injections and dosage is determined by the physiatrist and according to the patient’s condition after the first injection. It is important to follow the medical advice given by the physiatrist after the injection, such as avoiding the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and getting proper rest, in order to achieve the maximum effects of prolotherapy.