Redcord: Individualized Treatment

    Originated from Northern Europe, Popular worldwide:  

    Developed in the rehabilitation medical community in Norway, Redcord has been used in clinical application for over 20 years and has broken through the limitations of traditional physical therapy. It is currently used in hospitals throughout the United States and Europe, in physical therapy centers, as well as national team training centers. 

Thorough assessment, careful treatment: 

    Through Redcord assessments we can help pinpoint the body’s weakest link causing fascia imbalance, identify the problem behind poor movement control, and rediscover the correct way to induce muscle movement patterns, to use the right muscles at the right time to improve chronic pain and find the root cause of repetitive injury. 

Core muscles, deep stimulation:

    Every movement of the human body first requires activation of the deep core muscles to stabilize the spine and allow motion in the peripheral joints and limbs. Redcord can quickly stimulate the deep core muscles that may have tightened overtime due to a sedentary lifestyle. 

Painless treatment, precise training: 

    The Redcord suspension system can sustain the weight of the entire body, allowing better joint positioning and complete relaxation of the fascia. Redcord can help correct wrong muscle compensatory motions and more precisely train specific muscle groups to reduce pain.