Small Group Exercise Classes


    Small Group Exercise Classes: Let our physical therapists guide you through healthy, safe, and effective exercises. 

Improve athletic performance: 

    Whether your favorite form of exercise is running, swimming, ball sports, or others, a stable core and good endurance and coordination will help improve your performance and decrease your chance of injury. 

Strengthening the core: 

    Through professional guidance, train the difficult-to-target core muscles to help increase spinal stability and reduce pressure in the intervertebral disks. 

Reduce pain, delay degeneration, increase bone density: 

    The core muscles are the human body’s best corset. To counter various forms of back pain and joint degeneration, physicians recommend increasing muscle strength to prevent joint stress and the wearing down of cartilage, as well as delay the process of degenerative arthritis. Exercise also helps increase bone density to help avoid osteoporosis. 

Suitable for all, everyone should exercise: 

    Designed by our physical therapists and paired with our rehabilitation equipment, our programs are tailored to be suitable, safe, and effective for all our clients, regardless of age or fitness goals.